Traffic Generation Methods

Here are some specific tips for how to market depending on what you are trying to do and sell.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a delicate process. Customers don’t want to buy from you if they can buy from the original seller. You must cloak your affiliate links. Here are some specific traffic generation strategies that work well for affiliate marketing.

  • Create a review site where you review different new products on the market. Direct traffic to the site and you’ll get sales.
  • Article (Bum) marketing – write about the product itself and submit the article to directories. Be sure to link to an actual web page, without an affiliate link.
  • Classified Ads – I recently found someone that makes hundreds of dollars every month by posting affiliate ads to He posts 10 – 20 ads per day and is making a killing.
  • Groups – Affiliate marketing to different groups can be successful if done properly. Don’t SPAM! Answer questions and reply with affiliate links that point to products that can help answer the questions for people.
  • Pay Per Click – Your ads must be different from the others online. Remember that there are tons of other people doing this. Come up with an angle that nobody else is using. Don’t pay for top placement, I recommend going for position #3 or #8 as they have given me the best results. Position 3 is just above regular listings and position 8 is the last one on the page. This should save you a bunch of money.
  • Blogs – A blog is a great place to set up your home page for affiliate sales. I recommend using a WordPress blog on your own domain to give you complete freedom. Post reviews and good information about new products and you will definitely get sales.
  • RSS feeds – RSS feeds including affiliate links are an outstanding free way to list products in your niche. You get much more commission off of these then you would off of other options. Here are two sites you can get Clickbank RSS feeds through:

You can transform RSS into html using:

  • Social Networking – Sites like Myspace can be a golden opportunity for Affiliates with the correct mindset. Read the section above for more information.
  • E-Mail and E-Zines – Building a list is integral to the success of any affiliate marketer. Sign up for an autoreponder and create a capture page. Give away a free report or Ebook, just for signing up and market to your list efficiently to create income whenever you want!
  • Add – Ons – Create a product that compliments the product you are selling. Offer this bonus to people that purchase the product through you. This gives them a reason to buy from you.

Don’t bother with:

  • Web Directories (unless you have a review website or something like that)
  • Press Releases
  • Shopping Sites

Auction Sites

Auctions are very well used due to one main thing, free traffic! You can set up a business on any auction website for little cost and without any other expense.

What works?

You Must Buy a Domain Name before doing any tactics included here!

Do everything!

Multi-level Marketing

MLM offers interesting opportunities to people that have the knack for it. You get paid for people entering your downline and selling products your company provides.

Did you know that your MLM website is nearly unable to rank in the search engines, if it is the same as every other member?

The only way to get your website to rank high for your products with a standard MLM site is to link to it like crazy. If you have the most links, you will rank higher than the rest of your competitors.

Create your own website and forward people onto your sign up page from there to gain rankings.

  • MLM is often referred to as Network Marketing. There is a reason for this! You must develop relationships and help people succeed if you want to do well with MLM.
  • Teleseminars – These work extremely well for MLM. Get a top performer to discuss their success and how they obtained it. Be sure to have them interviewed by someone that knows what they’re talking about and it will drive customers.
  • Blogs – Setting up a blog for your company is a great way to direct traffic to your sign up page.
  • Drive traffic to your blog and website and forward them onto your generic sales page from there. They will get to know you individually and it will help with your conversion rate.

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