Direct Contact Methods

Being able to contact previous and potential customers is extremely important. It is one thing to have them find your website, it’s another entirely to personally invite them. This section deals with telling people to go to your website.

Newsletters & E-Mail

One of the most important lessons you will learn from this course is not even traffic related! You absolutely must gather the contact information of your customers and prospects. Once you have permission to contact them, you can literally get paid on demand. Do you have a vacation coming up? Send a special out to your clients and silently watch as the money rolls in.

The first thing you need to do is go to Aweber and sign up for their autoresponder. There is a minor cost involved, but this service has the highest deliverability rate of any service of its kind and the customer service is amazing. Set up your autoresponder using their pop-up or html form generators. Put up a sign-up for your newsletters on every blog, Myspace profile, website, EBay about me page and any other internet real estate you own.

You should try to offer a bonus to your subscribers. My recommendation is to offer a simple report with valuable information. You can do this using your expertise. You can simply modify an article you’ve written to include some juicy valuable information and you’re all set. Create a PDF document and upload it to your website. Tell Aweber which URL the bonus is located at and get it in front of your customers! Once you have the contact information for people, you need to develop your newsletter. You can set up when it is delivered, so creation of your newsletter can be done by the week or by the year. It’s completely up to you.

Your Newsletter must include valuable information to your clients. Whether it’s a simple update on what is happening with your company, a special sale, or advice on how to use your products properly, make it valuable. If you simply send crap advertisements, you will lose as many prospective clients as you gain.

E-Zine Advertising

The Newsletter I described above could be called an E-Zine, but the ones I’m referring to here are already established. In every industry, there are specific sites that get tons of traffic due to the information they provide. You can bet that they all have their own special EZines for their customers. These sites make most of their money from advertisers. This is the perfect spot for you to advertise as your customers are reading this E-Zine already!

E-Zine advertising is something you must be cautious with. E-Zines are VERY hard to predict as far as return of investment is concerned. Even if someone selling the same thing as you did well with an EZine, you may fall flat on your face. Test different ad copy and have friends, family, and co-workers assist you in coming up with the most catching ads.

Try out one E-Zine at a time to be able to closely track the results. Remember that most prospective clients don’t buy the first time they see your products, so if you make money with a specific E-Zine, use it again! Keep track of the E-Zines that work for you and rotate advertising in each one that gives you a profit.

When using ads in an E-Zine, there are numerous things you can advertise. If you send a visitor straight to your website, you risk losing them if they leave. I recommend sending them to a squeeze page to take the most advantage of your opportunity with them. Once they are on your list, you can promote all of your products to them, not just one page of one site. Don’t forget that you can redirect them to a sales page immediately after they sign up to your list anyways.

When doing this type of paid advertising, where you’re dealing with a small operation, always look for reviews of their service and others that have done business with them. This can help you avoid a huge amount of frustration over paying for advertising that won’t work.

Also, trading ads can be a great way to earn cash without having to pay for the placement.

Viral Marketing – Giveaways & Bonuses

Viral marketing is a concept that will make a huge difference for your business. You create a Video, Podcast, or PDF file that you either distribute yourself or give away with rights to sell or distribute the product. Very simple, right? Wrong! You must include valuable information or nothing at all will happen!

Once you have completed your viral giveaway, you must submit it to the appropriate sites. Include it in your signature on forums, post it to your blog, submit it to the correct directories (see resources), and do everything in your power to ensure that everyone on earth that could use your information has access to it.

Be sure to inform everyone that downloads the product that it is OK for them to send it to anyone on earth that could use it. Tell them to pass it on, or they simply won’t.

The best thing you can possibly do is to make it easy for them to send your products out to their friends and customers. Viral Friend Generator is great for this. There are other versions that allow people to pull their entire address book and send them messages, too (I’m having one made right now – you’ll be the first to know when it’s done). When using these, you must choose the right one for your niche. If you have a broad enough niche that anyone would enjoy your product, the entire address book method works great. If you have a tightly focused niche, Viral Friend Generator allows them to send it to a select few that would enjoy your products.

To create something viral, it has to have a widespread appeal. Not necessarily everyone on earth, but as large of a chunk of the population as possible. This is done by catering your content towards emotions. Humor, sadness, sexy, anger, and pain seem to do really well. The best performing viral ads are funny.

Apply these ideas to your content and you’ll be surprised at how fast it can spread through the internet.

My Viral Spiral is literally a viral business in a box. You allow reports to be rebranded and watch as they spread all over the internet.

Desktop Messaging

Desktop messaging is a newer medium that attempts to avoid the spam controls of email. Your message is delivered through this software and it goes straight to your list member’s desktop. This plan is somewhat flawed, because you have to build a down line to be able to contact a person, they must sign up to hear from you and download the software for the program. Most people are wary of this type of thing and until it becomes common, avoid it for now.

Traffic Exchanges

You’d think that traffic exchanges are good to get traffic based on what they’re called. That is completely wrong. A traffic exchange gives people points for surfing other members sites. The more points, the more their site will show. Someone is forced to stay at a page for 10 – 15 seconds and then they can move on to generate more credits.

Traffic Exchanges are useful with one main thing: List Building. Create a very short and simple squeeze page to collect Email addresses. The commonality among users of traffic exchanges is that they are attempting to make money online. If your product has anything to do with them making more money, they will subscribe to your newsletter. Be sure to use an attractive image on the page and keep it limited to the size of the page. This is the perfect opportunity to give away your viral reports and EBooks to seal the deal. People are inherently lazy and you only have a split second to catch their attention with a traffic exchange. The same things that work for viral marketing will work here. Focus on amusement and you will catch the eye of your potential customers.

Teleseminars and Webinars

The Internet Marketing Gurus are taking this as their new sales medium. That should simply tell you that it works. Most of these conferences and seminars are handled over the phone. The gurus will give you some decent information, which you can in turn apply for success. The kicker is that they advertise their products on these calls. They include specific methods in their sales speech, a discount, a limited time offer, and scarcity by limiting the amount of copies they will sell to people.

What can we learn from this? Get together with some other experts in your industry. Do an informative Tele Seminar and offer your products at the end. Give a sale price or discount for a limited time to the people on the call and you’re all set. People are making 5 figures from a single Tele Conference like this. This can also be done through a special chat room that offers voice and video support.

To truly figure out how this works attend a few teleseminars to see how the experts are doing it. Take note of how they handle the call. The best ones provide an insane amount of value on their call and make it extremely hard to refuse the offer at the end.

When applying methods of scarcity, it is extremely important to include one major detail – why! The people must understand the reasoning behind why you can only offer 25 items for sale. If you do this properly, you can get sell through rates as high as 50% or more.

If the product you are talking about is technical in any way, shape, or form, you should look to do a webinar. This allows attendees to see what you are doing on your screen. Whether you show them a powerpoint presentation or your computer screen, this is a very powerful method of showing the benefits of your product.

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