Clickbank: How To Become A Successful Clickbank Affiliate

Clickbank has changed mange people’s lives. You see clickbank is a information product marketplace that anyone can become an affiliate of. You don’t need a degree. You don’t even need to have finished school. All you need to do is know or learn how to market. Once you have that down you’ll become very, very rich. Okay, maybe not rich, but you can make a living off selling information products. Thousands of people do it everyday.

When you first become a clickbank affiliate you’ll be hit with a ton of valuable products that you can sell. You probably don’t know how to choose one. Or maybe you don’t know what type you would like to sell. That’s fine, I’m going to show you how to pick a proper product so that you can begin making money, or more money now.

Research! I said it. You have to research to become a successful affiliate marketer. There is no getting around it. With out any research you’ll be left in the dark not knowing why you aren’t making any money. Start by checking the gravity of products. The gravity shows you how many affiliates are making money from the product. You are basically getting information about what product is actually selling!

However there is such a thing as too much success. You don’t want to attempt to sell a product that has so much competition. It’ll drain your margins and give you little room for profit. You want a product that has a decent amount of gravity, but not too much. I would go with anything around 35 to 100 gravity. That leaves you room to enter the market and succeed. Once you’ve found that product move on.

Many markets don’t understand that you need to rank for keywords. Especially when you are not actually buying your traffic. Crap traffic is just that, crap. You want traffic that will convert. So social media traffic, buying traffic from resellers, and spam traffic probably will not convert for you. Your next option is search engine optimization.

Start keyword researching effectively. Take your time out to find keywords that are high in search volume with little competition. Waring: This will take you some time. Just be persistent it will pay off; promise.

Once you have your keywords start writing at least 2 – 4 pieces of content for that keyword. The more pages you have ranking, the better. It really is that simple. Don’t over-complicate anything. Just follow what you’ve learned and execute.

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